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Since the year 2000 has stood our team – WK Polygraphische Agentur GmbH – with our knowledge for reliable and competent cooperation in the field of consulting, evaluation and trading with used printing machines and bookbinding machines from Germany and Europe.

Inform you about our current machine offers or contact us directly for your machine search.

Our range of services also offers you the implementation of disassembly and reassembly of printing machines and worldwide machine exports as well as the delivery of accessories and spare parts for graphic machines.

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Special Offers

Stahl T 50/4-4-F
Special offer

 Stahl T 50/4-4-F

Basysprint UV Setter 3
Special offer

 Basysprint UV Setter

Multigraf EUROFOLD 2 3
Special offer

 Multigraf EUROFOLD 2

Bacher 2045 Plate Pu 3
Special offer

 Bacher 2045 Plate Pu

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