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How working a purchasing process?

Transmit of machine data

You send us basic data from your machine(s). The following information is particularly important: manufacturer, type/model, machine/serial number, year of construction, number of prints/number of working hours, equipment of the machine. Your photos also make our initial assessment easier. Please also indicate the current assembly status and location.

Verification of the data

After all relevant data has been exchanged, we check carefully all data and inform you whether we are interested in buying your machine. Then we will then arrange an appointment with you to inspect the machine on site and check it technically.

Inspection and evaluation

After a successful inspection and check, we collect all the data about your machine(s). We complete the assessment and make you a purchase offer.

Sales processing

If we rate your machine(s) positively, we will make you a purchase offer after consultation. If everything fits, the written sales contract follows, which also regulates the dismantling & transport.

Dismantling & Transportation

The dismantling, packaging and transport are completely taken over by us. Please note that structural changes to your location due to transport are at your expense.

Any questions? We will be happy to assist you further. Get in touch with us by simply use our phone support or contact form.

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WK polygraphische Agentur GmbH
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